Thursday, November 5, 2009

Deflect- Scribe Scuffle for November

Deflect. This just might be the most serious Scribe Scuffle entry I have ever typed.
And I am already deflecting.

This is the perfect word to do a Scribe Scuffle on. Especially since I have been looking for a way to say what is to follow in this post for quite some time now. Again, I deflect.

On with the point.

Deflect. As a teenager, I do it. A lot. Whether it's that my mind deflects from the assignment I'm doing in school to think of that cute boy that I saw the other day, or that I deflect from cleaning my room to blog... But the most important thing that I deflect from is God.

I go to church.
I miss Sunday mornings sometimes.
More than I would like to, because I stay up Saturday night and fail to hear the alarm clock.
But I go on Sunday nights to Illuminate.

We talk about God.
How He loves us and we love Him.
How to be Holy.
How to be an example.

Typical things teens talk about at church.

One thing that sticks out in my mind is deflecting.

Jared talks about it a lot.
How we tend to get distracted by things like gossip or the opposite sex , or sports, or material items, or our friends...
How when we are distracted we forget to ask ourselves what would Jesus do.
How easy it is to be deflected from the path toward God.

I read my Bible and I read the Bible to my baby sister.
We pray and I pray for others.

Still I am defelcted.
It is so easy to be deflected.
It's from temptation.
Peer Pressure.
Wanting to look cute when I know that certain boy is going to be around.

It also comes from the heat of the moment.
When Savannah makes me mad and I yell at her.
Or I smart off to mom.
I don't think about how I forgot to ask the question or how I have taken a turn away from Jesus until after the fact.

I try to help others so that they don't deflect.
I'm still trying to help myself.

Deflection is dangerous.
Especially when your eternity is on the line.

And it's like Pastor Jared and Pastor Ferrel say.
It is so much easier to drift away from God than to swim to Him.

I am not afraid of much.
I don't fear death.
I fear the dark.
I fear rollercoasters.
I fear horror movies.
I fear deflection.

I feel that I am getting better at staying on my path towards the Lord.
I will continue to work hard so to avoid deflection.

Thank you, Mrs. Sarah for the opportunity to write this post.
I feel that it will help not only me, but others who will read it.


Jennifer W. said...

Hi. I just hopped over from Kingdom Twindom. All I can say is wow. What wisdom you have at just 16! I know I deflect Christ alot as well. Thank you for reminding me to stay on the path.

Amanda said...

Hi. I also hopped over from Kingdom Twindom and have to say that I am very impressed by this post. Wow. Way to put in words what I do..... Thanks!! Amanda

GinSpaghetti said...

Also popped over from KT... great post. Always excited to "meet" another NC blogger ! :)

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